Readmore and Line Breaks

I am having some weird issue when I don’t add on my, line breaks are not getting enabled on the index page (front page). It is, however, working correctly on the single pages. I am somewhat puzzled and wondering whether it could be the list.html or the pagination.html. I would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction to fix this issue.

my config.toml has the following.

readmore = true


{{ define "main" }}
<main aria-role="main">
  <header class="homepage-header">
    {{ with .Params.subtitle }}
    <span class="subtitle">{{.}}</span>
    {{ end }}
  <div class="homepage-content">
    <!-- Note that the content for index.html, as a sort of list page, will pull from content/ -->
    <!-- Note that .Pages is the same as .Site.RegularPages on the homepage template. -->
    {{ range .Paginator.Pages }}
        {{ .Render "summary"}}
    {{ end }}

{{ partial "ad_double_rectangle.html" . }}
{{ partial "pagination.html" . }}
{{ end }}


I have removed the {{ partial “pagination.html” . }} from list.html and nothing changed. I am thinking it is not the pagination.html which is causing this issue.

I have tried both Windows and Mac to rule out any issues.