Random 404 Errors with posts


I’ve been having great fun with Hugo since starting the website, today I’ve been scratching my head trying to find out what’s going wrong.

I deployed my website after adding a new post (Nourish I: Numbers) and I’m getting a 404 error.

I then checked other posts and they seem to be fine. It’s just this new one and one other that’s not working. What’s more strange: It previously has been working, there have been some simultaneous issues with GitHub providing me with a https certificate but that appears to be resolving itself.

I can’t spot any difference between my most recent post and any of the others. What’s more, another post seems to be having the same issue (Old Town Road: Yee Haw Utopia).

I’m pretty confused and have no idea what it is that’s going wrong or why. Maybe it’s still linked to the certification stuff? That wouldn’t explain why everything else is working fine though…

Here’s the repo where I’m deploying everything from:

I am not seeing any 404’s.

Maybe you need to clear your browser cache…

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This is very confusing, I’ve cleared my cache but no change. Restarted my browser too!


  • Testing from a private/incognito window
  • Testing with another browser
  • Testing from your mobile device

Ok no it’s happening again now, and happening across all devices.

I don’t know what to tell you. I have no problems accessing these pages from multiple browsers on multiple platforms. But this is not a Hugo issue.

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Thanks, I think knowing it isn’t a Hugo problem is enough