RAM for Hugo

Hello friends. How much RAM do I need hugo (minimum) on a web host?

If you are using the Hugo binary as a web server, 1GB. If you are uploading the HTML files of your project, 50MB.

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Friends, what is the optimal VPS Server (RAM,storage space,available CPU) needed for Hugo’s work?

Hugo is not very hardware intensive. You can get by with small Digital Ocean droplets. The only thing that will be affected is your build time and that is already blazing fast.

I recommend to host on Netlify or another automated service, though.


@bagrist I closed this first topic because the question was answered, but you asked the same thing again. As it says on the hosting and deployment:

Because Hugo renders static websites, you can host your new Hugo website virtually anywhere.

We don’t talk about hosting because if a server serves web pages, it will serve Hugo pages. All the web servers. If you can run a web server, you got it! You won! :slight_smile:


Dear maiki. On the web host, the executable file Hugo is not needed. Only the generated site should be on the web host. Correctly I understood? With respect. Sorry for the machine translation, I do not speak English.

You are correct.

Best practice would be to use Hugo on a development PC to build the site. Then copy the public folder to your VPS. There are lots of ways to do that whether manually via FTPS or SSH or automatically via a GIT tool.

You could, of course, run Hugo on the VPS as well but this is considered somewhat less secure.

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That is correct. :slight_smile:

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