Quickstart Tutorial works locally, but deploying to Github+Netlify would not load content. Help me?

I followed the Quickstart Hugo tutorial and it worked locally via localhost. However, When I deployed via Github+Netlify, the content would not work. The Ananke Template/CSS was visible though. It was just the content of my-first-post.md that was missing.

These are the tutorials I followed:
Quickstart Hugo
Hugo deploy on Github+Netlify

If I look at the quick start guide, I see it runs hugo server -D. That -D command builds the website including all the draft posts.

The post that you made in step 4 of the quick start has its draft setting set to true. So it’s a draft post. Else draft would be false (or removed).

However, when you deploy to Netlify, those unfinished draft posts aren’t published.

Can that perhaps be why your my-first-post.md doesn’t show online?

I found the culprit: "Drafts do not get deployed; once you finish a post, update the header of the post to say draft: false"

After setting the post to say draft: false, it’s displayed now!