Quickstart - Cannot Create New Post

dwayne@dwayne-VirtualBox:~/quickstart$ hugo new posts/my-first-post.md
Error: failed to read module config for “ananke” in “/home/dwayne/quickstart/themes/ananke/theme.toml”: unmarshal failed: Near line 11 (last key parsed ‘min_version’): Invalid float value: “0.30.2”

You need to edit the file /home/dwayne/quickstart/themes/ananke/theme.toml.

Change line 11 from
min_version = 0.30.2
min_version = "0.30.2"

There’s already issue and PR for this on Github…

It seems that in a recent update of Hugo, something has changed with TOML parsing. In the past you could have a ‘number’ with two decimal points :thinking: but that’s no longer the case.