\config.toml:4:9": unmarshal failed: toml: incomplete number

Hello, I need your help. I used “Quick Start” but I’m stuck at step 4. After entering the command “C:\quickstart>hugo new posts/my-first-post.md” I get this message:

“Error : “C:\Windows\System32\quickstart\config.toml:4:9” : unmarshal failed : toml : incomplete number”.

Impossible to find solutions on the forums… Thx for your help ++

Impossible to propose a solution without your code…

Look in config.toml at line 4, there is an error.

On a connected note: Your code is in the Windows System directory. There is more wrong than just your config.

Thanks everyone - it works. In config.toml, I had to replace
theme = \ "ananke\ "
theme = “ananke”

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