Quick start: simple mardkdown

This is a suggestion for improving the Quick Start.

I am new to Hugo. Since I am new to this forum, I will omit links since I will likely not be allowed to anyway.

I tried the Quick Start. I wanted to just make a simple link. I looked in the Content Organization page of Content Management but that describes refs and stuff that does not seem to be what I wanted. I used Google to find a totally different website that gives the markdown used by many other systems.

Since Hugo is derived from Jekyll I suppose I should have known that Hugo uses the same markdown, at least for the simple stuff, but I think it would help for the Quick Start to give some kind of an indication of where to look for the markdown.

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@Sam_Hobbs I am also new to Hugo, but I have used Jekyll for a while now.

They are totally different and none derives from the other. Jekyll uses Ruby (and Liquid) as a template language (is that the correct term?) while Hugo uses Go.

Only the content folder uses markdown in Hugo (as far as I know anyway).

Try [an example of a link](/your-link).

Markdown tutorial.

Somewhere I read that the developers of Hugo developed it due to frustration with Jekyll. So it is a matter of what derived means. Since that is off-topic here I won’t try to explain.

I said I found that already. I am suggesting that the Quick start be improved. I have added clarification to my original post.

I have read the founder’s blog several times the last two days, including the launch of Hugo and nowhere is this mentioned. I needed to clarify that, from one new Hugo user to another.

On your Quick Start guide question, see adding content. (Maybe more knowledgeable people will answer you better).

Choosing a static site generator for a personal site says Just like Hugo was written by a dev frustrated with Jekyll. That might not be accurate but that is why I said what I said.

That’s your answer right there. I have seen that article before.

Thank you for the suggestion. As we continue building the docs, we’ll try to include more resources for people learning how to use Hugo. It’s an effort to know when and where to include links. :slight_smile:

I wanted to let you know, our docs have a search feature. Searching for “markdown” provides some answers:

The resources we link to are at Content Formats | Hugo.

If you have found useful resources for Markdown, please consider submitting them for our docs. :slight_smile:

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@maiki this was useful to me when learning about Goldmark. It is interactive.

I understand. And that is why I, as a beginner, might be able to help.

And that is exactly the issue. The Quick Start page says nothing about Markdown. Just a brief mention that Hugo uses markdown would be an improvement, and certainly a link or links to relevant material would help more. Some simple samples would help.

Certainly we can assume that any documentation of markdown within the Hugo site is relevant but other than that, I cannot be sure that everything called markdown is relevant. If there is more than one thing (anything outside of Hugo) also called markdown then it would help to warn beginners of that. If everything called markdown is the same then it helps to know that.

In all fairness, the quick start is meant to be a very brief description of how to get started for those with enough preexisting knowledge to work out the rest. It is not a tutorial. Working in beginner level documentation, included ‘getting started with Hugo for beginners’ will take folks with the interest and energy to write such documentation submitting pull requests to the docs in a way that is logical and coherent (i.e. not haphazard).
Having a ‘quick start for beginners’ in addition to the current quick start sounds like a place to start.

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