Question about Pagination problem with Hyde-y theme

Hi all, I am not very familiar with hugo or web development. Currently I am using blogdown in R to create a static site using Hugo and the Hyde-y theme. My site code can be found at .

I am having a problem with pagination. I have 11 posts, if I set pagination to a number <=10 then I see pagination “working”. The problem is that the link to the subsequent pages are broken (for example it creates a link to http://page/2/ which obviously just doesn’t work).

I tried looking into the theme’s internals but I just don’t know enough about Hugo. Any help would be most appreciated!

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Have you tried to create an issue at the Hyde-y issue tracker?

Yes, not so hopeful of a response. But yes. I could try back here in a few days if its not an easy fix.

I notice the issue in

It is kind of working, but the way the themes creates its URLs seems to be slightly broken.

If he removed all the baseURL prefixes here:

Things should be better, but I wish that the theme just used the built-in paginator in Hugo. Which should just work.

What you can do (if you don’t want to ask and wait for a fix of the theme) is:

Create a file in your local project


With this content:

 {{ template "_internal/pagination.html" . }}

Thank you so much! So this is definitely much better (I added that pagination.html file you suggested), it is now working. But unfortunately, the pagination buttons are coming up as bullet points…

Any ideas?

Issue was fixed. Thank you very much for the help. After you figured out the key issue the theme author was able to figure out the bulleting issue (

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