Pygments settings have no effect [solved]

For some reason the Pygments settings I have in config.toml do not seem to have any effect at all. I currently have this:

pygmentsCodeFences = true
pygmentsStyle = "native"
pygmentsUseClasses = true

With the above settings code fences are not highlighted, style is “monokai” and classes are not used. Highlighting itself works OK if I use the highlight tag.

Hugo version is v0.16-DEV BuildDate: 2016-02-06T19:14:17+02:00
Pygments version is 2.1
The OS is Ubuntu 16.04

Both Hugo and Pygments have been installed with apt-get.

Can someone suggest something I could do to troubleshoot this?

You should do a new build. Lots of stuff has happened since Feb. We turned off autoguessing for the code fences feature at some point … so now it works like on GitHub … you have to supply a language (go, java etc.) to get highlighting … that may be it.

That is the latest build that is available as a package.

Anyway, I removed it and installed the latest build with go get. However, blocks marked with code fences are still not highlighted for me. I have supplied a language, so it’s not that.

Any other ideas?

Ok, I figured this out.

I had wrongly assumed that indentation is similarly meaningful in toml files as in yaml files, so I had the Pygments settings beneath [params] (just unindented). Once I moved them higher up things started working again.

# This doesn't work:
  author = "Juha"

PygmentsStyle = "native"
PygmentsUseClasses = true
PygmentsCodeFencesGuessSyntax = true