Push notification on Hugo site?

How do I enable push notification for my blogs on Hugo using one signal?
I am using zzo theme for hugo and I am quite unsure where to move my onesignal workers js file

According to the documentation, place these files in the static/ directory:

  • https://yoursite.com/OneSignalSDKWorker.js
  • https://yoursite.com/OneSignalSDKUpdaterWorker.js

I did but it doesn’t work can you tell me where do I put the js code in my Hugo site
There is no

According to the documentation:

To enable OneSignal on your site, you will need to paste the provided code into your website’s <head>

The easiest way for you to do this:

mkdir -p layouts/_default
cp themes/zzo/layouts/_default/baseof.html layouts/_default

Then edit layouts/_default/baseof.html, placing the provided code into the <head> as described.

Tried doing it still no result :frowning:

Please share your project repository.

You have missed to do this step.

Sorry I am sort of a beginner in this can you point in exactly which folder do I keep the workers js files
There are multiple static folders

The one that you placed them in:

You also need to revert all of the the changes that you made in the themes/zzo directory. This is a mess.

Sorry for the mess I was just trying to place them everywhere I could just to see it work but still no result
I have removed the workers from the theme folder now

Search your source. It’s still a mess:

Yes I did remove them all now

Thanks a lot it seems to be working now