I want to deploy files now but they have to be published at the date set in PublishDate.
I use the PaperMod theme.
I set in the frontmatter of the post I want to publish publishDate: 2021-12-20T07:00:00:00+00:00
I set in the config.toml the following lines:

nableRobotsTXT = true
buildDrafts = false
buildFuture = true
buildExpired = true

date                       = [ "date", ":filename", ":default"]
publishDate                = [ "publishDate", "date"]
lastmod                    = [ "lastmod", ":fileModTime", "publishDate"]
expiryDate                 = [ "expiryDate"]

However, doing the deploy the file with the date in the future appears published now.
Where am I wrong?

If you don’t want future posts to be published now then set:
buildFuture = false

I did it, but the post is published anyway.

What is the exact command you’re using to build the project?

I tried locally with all of the following ones:

  • hugo server
  • hugo server -D
  • hugo server --buildFuture=false

The post is published anyway.

BtW, I changed some lines in the config.toml as it follows:

theme = "PaperMod"
enableRobotsTXT = true
buildDrafts = false
buildFuture = false
buildExpired = true

  date = ['date', 'publishDate', 'lastmod']
  expiryDate = ['expiryDate']
  lastmod = [':git', 'lastmod', 'date', 'publishDate']
  publishDate = ['publishDate', 'date']

You need to share a sample repo that reproduces the issue and also mention which content file is the one being published when it shouldn’t.

Also which Hugo version are you using?

I’ll work on it

The latest: hugo v0.91.0+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=unknown

Here is the repo: GitHub - nicfab/myhugo

In this post: myhugo/content/post/ at main · nicfab/myhugo · GitHub

You have set the publishDate for tomorrow yet you have also set a date for today.

The post is published because the date parameter takes precedence over publishDate.

To set future posts either use publishDate on its own or set date sometime in the future.

I have some doubts.
In the post you mentioned, I:

  • deleted the row with PublishDate;
  • modified date, changing it with date: 2022-05-25T07:00+00:00
    Unfortunately, locally the post is published anyway.
    What do you mean by “future”?
    To me, tomorrow is the future.

This isn’t a date:


This is:


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Thank you!
Now it woks.
The latest question: "Should I run ./deploy tomorrow again, or the post will be published automatically?

How would it happen automatically? Think about it.

I want to know whether, after having changed the date with date: 2021-12-21T07:00:00+00:00, if I run now ./deploy to send all the local content to the server, the post will be published online tomorrow automatically or tomorrow should I run ./deploy again.

With a future publishDate, the HTML page will not be created in the public directory when you run hugo.

Let’s say I create seven pages: one to be published on Monday, the next on Tuesday, the next on Wednesday, etc. I will need to run hugo every day.

I deleted PublishDate:2021-12-21T07:00:00+00:00 and I left only date: 2021-12-21T07:00:00+00:00.
I understand that I have to run hugo server (locally) or ./deploy (to send the contents to the server) every time I want to publish the post on that date I input.
Is it so?

Run hugo on or after that date.

Thank you.
Now it’s clear to me.
Wouldn’t it be better to develop a system to automate the publication of scheduled posts?

That’s on the hosting/server side: triggers, cron jobs, etc.

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Thank you so much.