`date` frontmatter field analogous to `publishDate`?

Before I open an issue, I wanted to confirm I wasn’t missing something. The docs show that a future publishDate causes entries to not be present in a build without the --buildFuture flag, and makes no such mention for the date field.

So the question: am I missing something, or should the docs be updated? Not sure I know enough to PR said docs update but I can at least open an issue for it.

If we by publishDate mean the date that will eventually be set on each page, then that is the only one field that controls the time/date of publishing.

I think it helps to read this:

So if we have:

  • no [frontmatter] settings in config.toml
  • a date field in a content file set to a future date
  • no other date related fields in said content file

We should expect a standard build to exclude that content file unless the —buildFuture flag is set - is that correct?