Publish Hugo Site With IIS

I am looking to host a Hugo generated page via Windows IIS in Server 2016. I do not know if this is a valid approach, and I am looking for some guidance of whether or not this solution is plausible. The content is displayed fine when running hugo server -D, but I cannot determine how I would have IIS host that site. I have looked extensively online and can see that it should be possible, but haven’t found a process for actually creating and hosting the site.

Sorry for any lack of detail, the content is restricted and cannot be shared, and the page works fine through Hugo, so I believe it is simply my lack of experience in making this work with IIS ( if possible )

When you run the hugo command the site is generated in the public directory.

If you’re running IIS locally, add a site to IIS and point to the public directory, adding permissions for IUSR as needed.

If you’re running IIS remotely, transfer the contents of the public directory to the root of the IIS site.

Regardless of setup, please seek IIS assistance elsewhere (off-topic).