Produce an chromium app-like archive with hugo

Do you see when chromium installs an app of a site, could hugo produces an offline version (that may or may not get updated if online) in some kind of archive format like epub ?

First part of your question, yes


Second, depend what you want to achieve.

offline access, push notifications

Seems to fit the bill, thanks, I’ll look into it. Doesn’t look to difficult to implement.

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I got on my list to extend it for offline functionality as discussed with others about that, but it’s still on my list.

Regarding notifications, this is not through Hugo but maybe with some actions on hosting providers (Netlify or directly with GitHub) this can be done, unsure.

but it wouldn’t produce an executable (or .mht or .epub) of sort to run anywhere ?

PWA is not same as full size App.
If you looking for integration. With Hugo than PWA is a start, but firstly this need to work as a normal website. What you are looking is going above Hugo.

Maybe, but considering it’s supposed to have several output formats and that epub is but an archive with xhtml pages and an xml container, I thought it was or could be in hugo’s reach.
I never saw epubs looking like a website though.
Is there even a standard for what I’m describing, beside the elusive and never supported anywhere .mht ?

You can generate several outputs including ePub with Hugo. Sort this first and than look on PWA.

develop a HUGO theme that creates an e-book directly from the HUGO content folder without further manual intervention

That means it would look nothing like my own customized theme, and I certainly doesn’t have the latent to re-engineer all of it. And it would require extensive change in my content structure and shortcode/image usage… totally unusable for my purpose to provide an offline version, with or without update. My site does not read like a book, it’s a website.

@idarek have yo figured out how to store analytics stats when offline which can then be sent to GA (or whatever service), once the user goes online?