Font change works locally, but not on GitHub Pages

I made a website using the Ananke theme and GitHub pages. I decided to use two different fonts on the site. I have both fonts saved locally. On the homepage and tutoring page, certain words should be in the BrittanySignature font. This works fine locally when I run hugo server, but when I push it to GitHub pages, everything is in the other font I’m using, GeorgiaPro. I can’t seem to figure out why.

Here is my repository: GitHub - skhelmbrecht/

Here is the theme: GitHub - theNewDynamic/gohugo-theme-ananke: Ananke: A theme for Hugo Sites

You could fire up you browser developer tools and check

  • if the correct CSS is loaded
  • if the font is available at run time and loaded

Your site is trying to load the font files from /font/BrittanySignature/BrittanySignature-regular.woff but your font files are at /font/brittanysignature/BrittanySignature-regular.woff

I’d advise against using capitalisation in directory/file names, it’s not reliable cross platform. Use hyphens or underscores instead.