Prevent parsing of (c) to ©

What function or setting can I use to prevent this 501(c)(3) being converted to this 501©(3) in a MD file? I would rather not set something globally if possible, is there an inline function I can run?

Your question has been solved in another thread, a while back.

Remember to search the forum before posting a question. Chances are that there is already an answer.

Another option is to use an HTML entity for the left or right parenthesis, for example:


Info about left parenthesis is at

I do this kind of thing a lot in my writing :smirk:

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Thanks guys, I didn’t want to set it globally in the Black Friday config as I don’t know how it would affect my other pages but this worked for me:


You can save yourself a character by using either of the following:


And another option I thought of: Use Hugo’s built-in Mmark renderer by changing the filename from to foo.mmark. This works because Mmark leaves (c) alone (and also Mmark supports include files, which I like but YMMV).

btw note that all these hacks could break if/when Hugo upgrades to a better Markdown parser.