Possible to specify Custom Output template name?

I use several Custom Outputs in a Hugo website and it works great. But is it possible to specify which name to use for custom outputs?

Following their lookup order, the homepage for instance always looks for index.* or home.*.

Because of that requirement I now have index.json, section.json, and index.xml. But these names are not informative; I have to open the actual files to see what they do.

I’d much rather be able to specify my own template names, like search-index.json and banners.json.

Is there an option for that? :slightly_smiling_face:

Custom Output template file are just like any other template files, their name informs Hugo of their purpose. There is no way around that.

You can customize everything else about output formats though.

Thanks for the reply! :+1:

Guess I have to become better at memorizing things. :laughing:

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