Plural version of Sections or Types

Currently I have sections / types that are automatically pluralized with +‘s’ and this is fine, except for the fact that I abbreviate some sections for example ‘kb’ for ‘knowledge base’ so I would like to somehow have the list for ‘kb’ be called ‘knowledge base’, is there a way to set the plural form for sections as you can for taxonomies so that I could have ‘kb’ => ‘knowledge base articles’ for example?


I ran into this same problem and the following was my solution. Not sure if this is the cleanest way to do this.

In your data folder, create a file called TitleFixes.yml with content such as the following which maps one weird auto-capitalised title with a proper one.

Writings: Writing
Researches: Academic research

Then, wherever you need to use a title, e.g. in layouts/partials/header.html, you do the following:

    <title>{{ if (index .Site.Data.TitleFixes .Title) }}{{ index .Site.Data.TitleFixes .Title }}{{ else }}{{ .Title }}{{ end }}</title>