Please put deb files on the install instructions

I don’t want to install brew on my linux and instead I used the 22.04 ubuntu apt install. However, one theme required a better version, so I started to consider the alternatives. Installing go and git is heavy plus a lot of mb to install and so the other alternative was a tarball. Then while looking for the tarball I saw debs.

Please list deb files on your instruction page.

It is so much easier than any other instruction.

If you want to install Google Chrome or Vivaldi or Vscode, you will always download and install debs from the website. This is the standard.

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Depends on what you mean by “instruction page”. If you’re talking about the Hugo Docs then you can provide a PR in the repo. There’s a button (“IMPROVE THIS PAGE”) at the end of nearly all documentation pages on Hugo Documentation | Hugo.

Okay… I will try to do so. I’m not good at PR. In fact i pushed to a wrong channel of my own repo and it ended up being a PR, yet I could not figure it out. I ended up deleting the repo and starting over. But I’ll try to learn.

  • Click “IMPROVE THIS PAGE” while you’re logged in in GitHub.
  • Click “Fork this repository”. This will create automatically a repository fork in your GitHub account.
  • You will see an edit form of the file in your repository.
  • Adapt it and fill field “Propose changes” afterwards. At least a “speaking” title of this commit.
  • Click “Create pull request”.
  • In the next view describe your PR with some words. What does it contain and why.

Nothing dramatic has happened up to this point. You are still in your own repository.

  • The final step: Click “Create pull request” and it will be visible in the original repository on github. com/gohugoio/hugoDocs/.
  • Others can review it, give comments and so on. You can edit it and adapt it or close it.
  • If they say that it’s OK somebody will merge it and the docs are changed with the next release.
  • Afterwards you can delete your repository and/or just the branch in your GitHub account.
  • There are links and buttons for all that things in your PR in the original repo on github. com/gohugoio/hugoDocs/.

EDIT: If you accidentally make a mistake as a PR beginner, no one will judge you. As I said, you can close PRs yourself with a “Sorry!” and they are gone.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think this is true. Mistakes affect credibility. It is better to practice PR creation with your own repositories.

Do not use this method for anything other than simple typographical or grammatical errors. Why? Because testing occurs after you submit the PR. Submitting a PR that fails testing affects your credibility, wastes resources (automated builds, tests, and deploys), and generates noise.


  • Fork the upstream repo
  • Clone it locallly
  • Create a new branch[1]
  • Make changes to the new branch
  • Test, test, test
  • Commit changes[2]
  • Push the new branch to your fork
  • Submit PR (see instructions)

Again, practice this with your own repositories until you are confident.

  1. The branch name should be meaningful and specific (e.g., “fix-typos-issue-1234” not “branch1”) ↩︎

  2. Maintainers may reject your PR if the commit message does not conform to the project standards. Spend some time reviewing previous commit messages. ↩︎

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Not a wonder then if people don’t participate more. Going to school first instead of simply adding a small paragraph to a page,

Well… since this is not code and just documentation, I should be good to go for practice. It seems straight forward. I do have several project with github and some apps on all app stores. I have only done one pr in my life though and use mostly use github as a “backup” .

I’d also like to help with the hugo on github pages instructions which are brief. It should have two methods:
raw pre-compiled docs folder method and the automation method (which I have yet to get working).

As for themes and sample apps, that would be good and a little different. I’m doing something now with ananke theme and there needs better documentation for it. I’d rather stick to documentation PR’s first.

well… for md files, there is no need to do a real fork and download a whole repo. Seems easy enough.
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I might organize the page better too. Linux users are probably more likely to want hugo than others. It should be listed first since this is a geek tool.

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