Snap installation on Linux

Just a FYI. The Hugo documentation for installing only lists brew/homebrew for Linux/Ubuntu (20.04.1)

The docs need modifying to state that snap works, as brew/homebrew clearly doesn’t, for me at least. Possibly this is because it is a package manager conflict ? I already had snap installed.

Hmm, …later I see right down near the bottom of the page at Install Hugo | Hugo , there are instructions for Linux, using snap.

Have added an issue at Linux installation and no brew (improvement) · Issue #1472 · gohugoio/hugoDocs · GitHub

The installation instructions for “Homebrew (Linux)” work, if you, as described in the docs, “are using Homebrew on Linux”. If you use another tool or package manager, then use that.

You are using Ubuntu, so use the Ubuntu method (giving you 0.83.1 right now) of sudo apt install hugo or do install the package from the Github repository if you need the latest versions and it’s not in the Ubuntu repositories. You would do that by sudo dpkg -i downloaded-package.deb and you would download the hugo_extended_0.83.1_Linux-64bit.deb version (64bit, Linux, and Hugo extended, ending on .deb).

The documentation is not wrong, it’s just unsorted and in general, if you end up on a page with lots of installation ways for a program you want, then look for apt first, that’s the Ubuntu included version.

F3 opens a search field, then type Ubuntu. Done :slight_smile: