Playing audio files


I have a website with cupper-hugo-theme and I would like to play mp3, wav and ogg files. What is needed to do that?

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HTML5 has the audio tag that will show a audio player.

I use that in an short code on my Zen theme.

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Please just tell me how to declare the source file which is on my /static/audio folder.

I figured out!

many thanks

How did you resolve this issue. just looking for reference.

Everything you put in the “static” folder will end up at the root folder of your site.

So an audio file put in:


Will end up at:


So the shordcode from the Zen theme I mentioned above will look like this:

{{< audio src="/audio/audio.mp3" class="something" >}}
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{{< audio src="/audio/audio.mp3" caption=“something” >}}

When I use the above to caption the audio, nothing appears. Is this correct?

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