Pictures in Hugo academic doesn't show

I have added pictures to my web page: and they are displayed at the main page. However, clicking at “Continue reading” or “More Posts” they don’t show. The pictures are added as:
in the main body of the posts. What can be wrong?

Hi, do you have git repo for that page? it can be more easier to us to find out the problem if you share your repo

I wonder where do you put the image?

in your homepage the image is from ../img/some.gif but the single post the image have different source ../post/your-post/img/some.gif

Thanks! I think we are closer to a solution. I manually created the folders: /post/gammelhemmet/img/ and put the “missing” pictures there and it turned up when clicking “Continue Reading”. But then I will have some missing pictures on the homepage and some missing in the “Continue Reading” section. Do have to separate the text in a similar manner so I have ont text for homepage and one for “Continue Reading”?

I added in my Rmarkdownfile to create a manual split but that didn’t solve the problem.

I never have experience using Hugo with Acadeimc theme but You have to make sure that You have the right image path in the front matter (in this case post content)

I look at the theme repo and find out that the default image for the post is somewhere inside static folder

│   ├───home
│   ├───post #all your post content 
│   ├───project
│   ├───publication
│   └───talk
│   ├───files
│   │   └───citations
│   └───img
│       └───headers #put the image here

then You have to check the front matter

image = "headers/image.png" #the image path is header/...jpg
caption = "Image credit: [**Academic**]("

If You follow the creator then you should put the the image inside static/img/headers or you can create the other folder inside the img folder

image = "headers/NorthSami.gif"

I suggest You to read the follwing Hugo docs

I think I can figure it out from here.