Performance issue on my page

I have almost 14 youtube videos on my Page. Its causing performance issues. I tried all the suggestion that suggested by pagespeed site. Performance got improved to 98% on my local devtools lighthouse but in pagespeed its still 55%. Mainly the youtube videos causing the decrease of performance. I need all my youtube videos also I added lazyload but there is no improvement. Can anyone please suggest what needs to be done to improve my page performance.

Since this is not a Hugo issue, you might want to ask for help in places dedicated to web performance.

How you putting YouTube videos on your website?

lazy loading only applies to pictures unfortunately.
you need the css property content-visibility: auto. It will do the same, only load when in the viewport.

Thank you for all your replies. I got solution {loading=“lazy”} was missing. After adding this in iframe. My page speed got increased. Even though I have added lazy load class it wasn’t working earlier. After adding loading=lazy. Performance got increased. Thank you everyone.

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I see the attribute also applies to iframe.
Could you show a bit of code ?