Paginator SEO issue

Been working with SEO for almost a decade now, and while we were building paginators I seemed to remember Google having specific guidelines for paginators in order to maintain distinction between page, page/2/, page/3/ and not count it as duplicate content.

One alternative discussed here is:

In the <head> section of the first page (, add a link tag pointing to the next page in the sequence, like this:
<link rel="next" href="">

Some testing on this made us conclude this entails a second paginator.

Another alternative is rel="canonical". The problem is .Permalink, .URL etc points to the “first page”, skipping /2/

@bep hva sier du?

I’m saying the Norway has two languages, and you had 50/50 chance of getting it right … and you got it wrong :slightly_smiling:

I’m not sure what the problem is. You should be able to use the Pager.Next.URL value to point to the next.

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The problem isn’t the pager. The goal is to either:

  1. create a second pager in <head> that generates something along the lines of:
{{ if or (.Paginator.HasPrev) (.Paginator.HasNext) }}
      {{ if .Paginator.HasPrev }}
        <link rel="prev" href="{{.Paginator.Prev.URL}}" />
      {{ end }}
      {{ if .Paginator.HasNext }}
        <link rel="next" href="{{.Paginator.Next.URL}}" />
      {{ end }}
{{ end }}

2.Or, if we for example are on page 2

<link rel="canonical" href="">

For the last strategy, the question is what we put in the href? {{ .Permalink }} generates and omits /2/

I have same issue, did you solve this?