With $.Paginator error in Hugo 0.123.8

The post from August 2021

concluded with the solution from which I took a part of a code to my site:

  {{ $href := .Permalink }}
    {{ with $.Paginator }}
      {{ if gt .PageNumber 1 }}
      {{ $href = .URL | absURL }}
      {{ end }}
  {{ end }}
  <link rel="canonical" href="{{ $href }}">

I know that there were some breaking changes in 0.123 Hugo but unable to quicly reference it to the above code which return

execute of template failed: template: partials/head.html:50:13: executing "partials/head.html" at <$.Paginator>: error calling Paginator: pagination not supported for this page: kind: "page", path:

Any help appreciated.

Fixed replacing:

{{ with $.Paginator }}


{{ with and .Page.IsNode .Paginator }}

As suggested here:

Can just somebody verify that this is right approach before I click resolved?

and Returns the first falsy argument. If all arguments are truthy, returns the last argument.

Seems OK if the paginator is the last one argument.

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Be careful when using .IsNode. It returns true when used in the 404 template (see #12162). And if you’re not careful you might end up doing this:



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