Pagination support on Content pages

Use Case

I have a section called “Stories”. Within that section I may identify any number of stories as “Features” with type: feature in the frontmatter. Paginating all Stories is easy through the section list template. I would like to be able to paginate only the featured Stories from a content page.

Alternatively it would be nice to list paginate content based on taxonomy within a section, too. For example, paginating all content in a section with a specific tag. I can list content with a specific tag with the use of shortcodes on content pages, but I can’t break them into separate pages.

You can’t accomplish this using a combination of Hugo’s multiple filtering and grouping options?

If you have, say, 100 pieces of content and wish to display them with an image the HTTP requests start to pile up. I guess the alternative solution is to do some lazy-loading. I think that’s where I’ll go next.

Right. But I’m talking about using the filtering methods in conjunction with pagination to get the results you want (e.g., only the featured: true posts). Does that makes sense?

I thought you could only have one instance of pagination per section.

Can you give me an example?