Paginate Arrows do not link to Paginate Pages

Hi all! I appreciate any help you can provide. I am working on a Hugo Site ( repository: that uses pagination of “projects” (

The problem is that the arrows to navigate through the paginated-project-pages direct to broken 404 links.

I found that the paginated pages still exist, but that the URL is off by one subdirectory, “vast”.

Essentially, the page 2 arrow directs to (doesn’t work) instead of (works)

And from the working page 2, the page 1 arrow directs to (doesn’t work) instead of just (works)

Here is the layout html code for the projects list: vast/list.html at main · NCAR/vast · GitHub

I prefer the shorter URLs (that actually work) and want to fix the paths associated with the navigation arrows.

Has anyone encountered this before? I haven’t seen anything like this in the documentation or on this forum so far. Perhaps setting up redirects form the domain would work, but I do not have ownership of the domain and that doesn’t really answer why this is happening.

I’m only allowed 2 links per post, so sorry for removing the hyperlinks from some of these paths.

You are serving your live site from:

But you have set the baseURL in your site configuration to:

Change your site configuration to:


Thank you @jmooring ! I was afraid to change this value, since I inherited this repository - but it did the trick!

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