/page/2 URL exists where it shouldn't

I’m displaying all content from a section of my site with range in a list template. There is no use of pagination. However, when I visit the url with /page/2 appended, it shows the same list. It seems like this may be some kind of cache issue leftover from when I was previously using pagination here, since /page/n doesn’t work for any n.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Hard to say without seeing the project. Assuming you have cleaned your public directory and/or restarted Hugo server, I would search your code base for “Paginat”.

Cleaned public, restarted Hugo server, and searched code base for “Paginat”. No luck.


Appreciate the support.

I tried setting paginate = 700 in config (more items than I have in any section) and it fixes the issue–appending /page/n to the url results in a 404 for all n, as it should. However, when I change the setting back to paginate = 7 the issue returns.

It is so perplexing as my list template is only using range.

Anyone have any ideas about this?

I think I found the issue. I’m using the Hugo Hyas starter kit along with its seo module. In one of the module’s files I found where pagination URLs are being added to list pages without checking if they actually use pagination.