Pages in nested content directory vanish completely

I currently move the documentation of LinkAce from Jekyll to Hugo and got problems with the content structure, and it’s driving me crazy. The whole source of the site is available on Github.

The content structure is the following:

└─ docs/
   └─ v1/
      ├─ general/
      │  └─ 
      ├─ ...

The pages in docs/ and v1/ are content pages.

Based on this structure and the Hugo documentation there is nothing wrong about this structure and I couldn’t find any information about issues with particular nesting levels.
I assume that based on the structure, the about page in the general folder should get the URL /docs/v1/general/about.

However, Hugo does not render any pages in the v1 directory at all. Only the index page in the docs/ directory is showing up. I tried so many things, deleting the files from the parent directories, renaming the pages, manually set an URL in the front matter. But nothing works. :pensive:

Can anybody help me?

The website is live and available on Netlify:
As you can see, the sitemap is basically empty:

Maybe related to this?

Some change with 0.58 if I recall correctly, in how to deal with levels of sub folders.

Release notes:
home.Pages now behaves like all the other sections, see #6240. If you want to list all the regular pages, use .Site.RegularPages

Thanks for the hint. Sadly all variables like .Site.Pages, .Site.RegularPages etc., only contain the /docs page, nothing else.

It seems for Hugo the whole v1/ directory and all it’s content simply does not exist. But I can’t figure out why.

You need to rename the pages to if you want it to have child pages. This tells Hugo that it is a section / list page.

Indeed, this was the problem. I guess that Hugo did not reload correctly after I tried this for the first time.
Now all pages show up correctly.

I think this could be a good addition to the docs, that those index pages must be named like this if they are present and not having those will lead to issues.

It’s in there:

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