Page with structured data

I want to create a page that lists default ports, usernames, and passwords for IP cameras. Is there a good way to structure a table like this in Hugo? It’s a table that will be evolving as more and more cameras are added.

I could imagine that it might it might be useful to useful to use Taxonomies to keep things ordered alphabetically for instance.

Or is it better to just create a big markdown table and keep it sorted by hand?

If I had the data structured, I could create automatically pages for specific manufacturers for instance.

I expect I’ll end up with hundreds of camera models, so it seems like it makes sense to think about this a little bit. Suggestions would be appreciated!


PS It looks like blackfriday markdown tables don’t work on

Make Model Username Password IP Port
Foscam FI123 admin 1234 81

I would definitely recommend looking more into the docs before anything else.

That said, I’m currently working on porting over a theme I built for an internal-only site for my team at work that might have the feature you’re looking for:

Here is the theme so far.

Check out the docs, which will show a sample of how the theme includes a sortable list (table) shortcode that pulls from any published CSV (I use Google sheets in the examples).

Here is the relevant source:

I don’t find markdown tables that convenient when you get into a very long list of tabular data. This should get your pretty far. Steal at will.