Override CSS in table

I’m having trouble overriding the default CSS in my beautifulhugo theme.

Using Inspect Element I can see that I need to set
border-radius: 0px to remove the rounding of the colour bars.

And I believe I need to place that CSS in layouts/partials/head_custom.html
However, I am unsure as to what element to select. All of my tries have been in vain.

You can see the table here:


It looks like your styles for that element are being set inline in the HTML:
<span style="display: inline-block; direction: rtl; border-radius: 4px; padding-right: 2px; background-color: #fee08b; width: 29.34%">103</span>

You can go into your test_post.md and just remove “border-radius:4px;” from the style tags.

I’m using blogdown for this blog.
In RStudo I create a RMarkdown file and choose a Hugo theme > Github > Netlify

So I’m not sure where exactly to do this.
Also, as you can tell I’m new at all this too.