Output Format issues on Netlify

I’m using the following outputFormat

        mediaType = "text/html"
        path = "2006"

    home = ["HTML", "original"]
    page = ["HTML", "original"]
    taxonomy = ["HTML", "original"]

When I run hugo locally it works great, creates the right versions, saves them in the right directories, all is good and well. However, on Netlify it is using the “original” format for all single types, such as journal and photo, and seems to ignore the single.html layouts. My templates are as such…


It seems to work just fine for the taxonomies and top level pages (content/about.md). I’ve reached out to Netlify, but haven’t found any answers there.

Has anyone experience anything like this?
Is there something simple I’m loverlooking?

I would guess that this is a Hugo version problem. Netlify has, for some strange reason, Hugo 0.17 as the default. But it is easy to fix.

See https://www.netlify.com/blog/2017/04/11/netlify-plus-hugo-0.20-and-beyond/

The easiest way is probaby to set


As an environment variable in Netlify console, in yoursite/settings.

I had already had this in place

    HUGO_VERSION = "0.25.1"

    HUGO_VERSION = "0.25.1"

And from the Hugo deploy…

10:43:06 PM: Installing Hugo 0.25.1
10:43:08 PM: Started building sites ...

But still no luck. :sob:

may be you’re missing the build command.
mine looks like this

  command = "hugo"

  HUGO_VERSION = "0.25.1"

  HUGO_VERSION = "0.25.1"