OT: Hugo Site with Netlify CMS getting CSP errors

my problem is when I try to connect the HUGO theme with Netlify cms, using an official Netlify guide and also 1 blog on[ how to connect Hugo with netlify cms](https://
dev.to/howtocode_io/how-to-build-a-jamstack-blog-with-hugo-netlify-cms-and-zapier-14dc) but when I try to open website/admin then I always get page not found, but after adding java snippets in the partials footer.html file now the cms page is opening but its totally white blank page withoutshowing no errors can you tell me what to change as i am new to this and its really confusing to configure netlify cms with ssg themes
i have added two files admin/index.html and admin/config.yml in static folder
But still i am not able to authenticate netlify cms with my theme
Github repo i am using: GitHub - h-enk/henkverlinde.com: Henk Verlinde website

DemoWebsite https://laughing-swanson-070895.netlify.app/

Your website is using a Conten Security Policy header which does not include the URLs of the required JS files. Either remove those headers, or add these URLs in that header or add the JS files to your website.

This issue is clearly pointed out by console and also the Issues panel in Chrome Developer Tools:

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i am trying to change the content security policy by adding netlify domain still i am getting the error

content security policy is in layouts/ index.headers
once check if it is correct or wrong

I’m not sure if I’m an expert at CSP headers, so I can’t really comment on the configuration.

However, I think the safest way is to host all the JS files yourself and only allow self in CSP headers. You can simply add the JS files to your static folder and add the path in your html.

This issue is off-topic as CSP errors are not related to Hugo.

Read this guide: https://content-security-policy.com

Also if you are still unable to solve the issue ask at the Netlify Forums