Inserting custom image in header

I want to insert an image in the header section of the Ananke theme underneath the description. I figure I need to copy the site-header.html file into my layouts/partials folder and edit it, but just inserting a simple <img src="/images/custom.jpg"> line doesn’t seem to work.

What does that mean?

The image doesn’t show and even the img tag doesn’t show in the page source. I’m inserting it in the same container as where the site title and descriptions go.

    <div class="pb3-m pb6-l {{ .Site.Params.background_color_class | default "bg-black" }}">
      {{ partial "site-navigation.html" . }}
      <div class="tc-l pv3 ph3 ph4-ns">
        <h1 class="f2 f-subheadline-l fw2 light-silver mb0 lh-title">
          {{ .Title | default .Site.Title }}
        {{ with .Params.description }}
          <h2 class="fw1 f5 f3-l white-80 measure-wide-l center lh-copy mt3 mb4">
            {{ . }}
        {{ end }}
        <img src="/images/custom.jpg">

Assuming this structure:

└── images/
    └── custom.jpg

Override the theme’s partial with this file:


And do this:

<img src="{{ `images/custom.jpg` | relLangURL }}">

That will resolve correctly if you are serving your site from a subdirectory, or if it is a multilingual project, or both.