Organization of Content Source

I tried this folder structure /content/handbook/ I want to see a single page.
I read in the hugo docs that this work by default.
But this doesn’t work too. I see only the title from the frontmater.

What I do made wrong?

try changing your file from to it should work.

If not, can you share a link to your source code?

I have never used shortcodes before, but when I removed these lines from your code, the layout worked: {{% divmd class="item-24 card" %}}

I removed all lines {{% divmd class=“item-24 card” %}} from content/handbook/

But it dosen’t work. Can you see the content from handbook/

the markdown files for exanple /content/ or content/ work fine. But not handbook/

Yes I can, try to disable the fast render. I see the content at http://localhost:1313/kwpse/handbook/handbook/ if that helps.

Thank you for your notice. I want to find this at http://localhost:1313/kwpse/handbook
Is this possible? Under this link address i get a list page.