How to Set/Use Taxonomy Metadata

The documentation notes that metadata for a specific taxonomy term can be set as front matter in a file /content/<TAXONOMY>/<TERM>/ My question is: how can I set metadata for the taxonomy itself, please? I tried creating /content/<TAXONOMY>/ but either that isn’t supported or I couldn’t find it as a variable.

I found similar questions, but nothing quite as explicitly stated in these terms. So I hope this framing of the question might bring a different focus.

I’m currently using Hugo 0.80.0.


title = 'Tags'
date = 2021-10-04T07:28:15-07:00
draft = false
foo = 'bar'

Retrieve values with:

{{ (site.GetPage "tags") }}

Ahhh, excellent, thank you. Had tried various things, but had missed that. (Still a neophyte Hugo user.)

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