Organising content by year

Hi, I’m creating a couple of sites using the structure below with the layouts defined in a separate theme and have some questions (below). I’m using Hugo v0.14.

… and so on …


  1. The /year pages work as expected (rendered as sections) but the /year/type pages do not.

    They are displayed as list of small blue links and looking in the type directories in the public directory no index.html files are generated, just the directories for the content (which I’m guessing hugo server returns as the list of blue links). Is this because my root directories are years and not really types? Would I be better off properly using the root directories as types and then settings the /year/type/ url manually in each contents front matter? It would be nice to keep my content folders starting with year…

I had another question but I found the answer already. Thanks for reading!

Afaik you can’t arbitrarily make a hierarchical subfolder structure.

I am grouping by years like this:

I recommend an ugrade to v0.14. Lots of improvements.