Organize content by year and retrict navigation within a year


I am building a Hugo website that is updated every year. Same structure (menus, layouts,…) but different content and data every year. A dropdown allows you to select a year and then content and navigation is restricted to that year.

How should I best organize the content for this? How can I make menus to point to the required content so once the year is selected navigation is within that year?

Any pointers appreciated

Use a section for each year. Then you can develop your menu and the rest to work for a single section, the current year.

Thanks. That makes sense.
I’m struggling though in translating this into code:

  • how can menus can point to different year-sections
  • how can the selected year be set as a variable for the different templates to use

If you know of any example using this it be of great help to see the implementation.


When you make the drop down, just list all the year sections. Doesn’t have to be a Hugo menu, just a list if sections (which could be a menu, but can stay simple).

You said they’d use the same layouts, but different content; not sure what you mean.