Open relPermalinkOverride in new tab

I have a post which opens a HTML file and I implemented it using relPermalinkOverride:

If you open my projects site and click article “Price Elasticity” (see next screenshot), it opens a HTML file from relPermalinkOverride.

Problem with that: the HTML file is opened on the same tab.

Is it possible to change this behaviour for relPermalinkOverride, so that it opens in new tab?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

You really don’t want to do this. It’s annoying. See:

If you want to do it anyway, modify the three theme templates that you modified here:

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You are right that it is better not to open in new tab. I implemented “open in new tab” in some other places. I will remove them as well. Thanks for sending the the first link :slight_smile:


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