Link in new tab

How do I open external links in new tab .

I have set this :

hrefTargetBlank = true

in my config.toml

But my mark down link does not open in a new tab ex:


weight = 0
draft = false
date = "2017-04-05T23:08:19-04:00"
title = "plex"
link = “


Har to tell without seeing the full project, but one guess could be that your config.toml is somewhat invalid.

You can try

hugo config

And check that your blackfriday config is read OK.

Also check that only other maps follows the blackfriday section (see the TOML spec).

If you configure the link in the front matter (i.e., link), then it seems to me that you’re accessing that link in your theme template file? (Like

If that’s the case, then it’s normal that the links don’t open in a new tab – since the theme template files aren’t processed by Blackfriday. (Correct me if I’m mistaken or misunderstand.)

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Yes you are right Jura. It’s define in the template .

grep href themes/dimension/layouts/index.html

              <li>{{ if isset .Params "link" }}<a href="{{ index .Params "link" }}"{{else}}<a href="#{{ .File.TranslationBaseName }}"{{end}}>{{ if .GetParam "menuname" }}{{ .GetParam "menuname" }}{{ else }}{{ .Title }}{{ end }}</a></li>
            {{ if $i }}, {{ end }}<a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ $e.Language.LanguageName }}</a> 

Thanks for your help.