Obscure URL gives garbage when processed by Hugo

On my website’s “About” page, I have tried adding a URL with the tox: protocol (Tox is decentralised a chat platform). It is present in a TOML in the site source, but, once built, I get a garbage URL https://robot-one.github.io/#ZgotmplZ.

er… I’ve got no idea what is causing this. I’m guessing Hugo, as it is processing the TOML. This is the theme I’m using. Does it not like defining different protocols, like magnet:, tel: etc.?

Override the theme’s social partial:

mkdir layouts/partials
cp themes/dream/layouts/partials/socials.html layouts/partials/socials.html

Then change line 66 from:

<a class="item" href="{{ .href }}" target="{{ .target }}">


<a class="item" href="{{ .href | safeURL }}" target="{{ .target }}">
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That fixed it! Thank you!

Was it some sort of fallback thing for unknown protocols, e.g. kinda like Ungoogled Chromium’s use of 9oo91e.qjz9zk for Google domains?

This is due to Go’s template security model.

Without digging into the details, it appears from this document that the http, https, and mailto protocols are on the allow list.

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