Not understanding debugging, need more clarity on variable data

This page recommends using printf to write variables to the screen in order to determine what values they contain.

I quite often do something very similar in PHP or JavaScript, where I dump an object using print_r(), or sometimes var_dump(), or console.log, or DevTools watch expressions, etc. These tools all provide me with valuable information.

Then there’s Go and Hugo. I try to see what’s in my $.Site.RegularPages variable and I get this:

*page.Pages{(*hugolib.pageState)(0xc000e11650), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc000aad200), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc0019b4a20), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc001448ea0), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc001c94ba0), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc001c94de0), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc001d77080), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc0016dd4d0), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc001974cc0), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc000b0b440), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc00092c1e0), (*hugolib.pageState)(0xc001448510), (hugolib.pageState)(0xc001448150), …

That… tells me nothing. What am I missing? How can I see what pages are contained with RegularPages?

At least with Menus, I can see there’s a menu called “main”, but not what’s actually in the main menu:


I tried looping through Menus and sending . to printf, but I get the same references.


Did you try to search prev post?
As far as I know, I think this is the best way

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Yes, I did try searching. Using both Google and the discourse search. Debugging is a fairly generic search term and even with multiple attempts using different combinations I didn’t turn up the page you linked to, thus why I posted here.

I did see another article suggesting console.log but all it did was dump the same data. It looks like the article you’ve referenced uses a slightly different tactic which may work better. I’ll give it a try.

You can use my debugprint partial from

It prints the debugged variables in a readable format as you see at the bottom of the page in


That is incredibly snazzy. I’m going to drop that in immediately and start messing around with it! Thanks!

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