Not show post with range tag

I am trying many ways to add all posts to my page, but I am failing. Anybody can help me?Screenshot 2021-09-08 224441

Hi there,

Please have a read about Requesting Help

It is difficult to guess what is wrong with just a screenshot of your code. It is easier to help you if we can see the actual code, not just a screenshot.

This is the website codes: sumiyuru priyasara / my-hugo-website · GitLab

Help make it easier to help you. Which file is this code snippet in? When you run hugo server, which page are you looking at to see the results?


Your content file has a publishdate set in the future:

publishdate: 2021-12-22T20:08:02+05:30

See docs: Front matter | Hugo


if in the future, content will not be rendered unless the --buildFuture flag is passed to hugo .

Thank you, sir, I missed that :heart_eyes:

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