Not OT: After the GDPR the EU is about to break the web (as we know it)

The new EU Copyright Reform proposal has entered the negotiating stage.

If you don’t know what this is about here is a summary.

If this goes ahead it will affect GitHub and also the Hugo project’s development.

If you care about this now is the time to start sending emails.



EFF also has some information on it:

Mozilla made a project site about it:

I saw your post before the edit.

Ok. TechDirt may not be the most authoritative source about this, but yesterday member states agreed for this proposal to go for a vote in the EU parliament and most articles I saw have the slightly misleading title that search engines will now pay publishers for linking to their content.

That’s why I linked to it.

Now regarding your other question it’s up to anyone to think if it’s worthwhile to contact members of the EU parliament.

But in any case the Hugo project will probably have to start thinking about GitHub alternatives if this is ratified.

As of yesterday many US news sites are unavailable in the EU because of the GDPR.

In 2 years time the same can happen with GitHub if this EU copyright reform passes in its current form.

I edited my earlier post to (a) not sidetrack the discussion and (b) not discuss the merits of contacting politicians and their responsiveness in general.

So I felt that on both those points my comment wasn’t right and could have done better. If you don’t mind I leave it at that, because if I now respond to your response I’m still sidetracking here. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

This is not going to be a problem for Hugo. I have the Hugo source code on disk. So you can send patches to me via email. No problem.


That said. I live in Norway. Not a member of EU, but part of the EEA, which seem to mean that we get nothing to say in these matters, but still have to obey by the laws they make.

Having thousands of my photos out there on there Internet, I do agree about the copyright of online content getting out of hand. The Google Image search is one. They list images without any copyright context (i.e. photo credits etc.) and people “borrow it” for their websites and blogs. But I fear they will take it too far.


Whilst I am certainly not a fan of Brexit, I have to say that it was the precursors to this that had me wavering. The EU copyright organisation is totally out of control.

These are the people who created themselves a nice new “palace” and then declared that other officials were not allowed to step onsite unless the Copyright org themselves OK’d it - that includes EU law enforcement! Effectively putting themselves beyond EU law. I think you will find info on this in a previous Techdirt blog post from a couple of years ago.

If anyone wants to object to the proposals. Mozilla have a tool that lets you call your MEP & gives you a convenient script to use.

Ok. Since Bjørn Erik said that this will not affect Hugo, I’m closing this topic.

Thanks for your input everyone.