"No image" in static/img

Hello. Sorry for the stupid questions I’m new to Hugo. I use Hinode theme and try to create a slider.

In my config/_default/config.toml:

  images = [
    { src = "/img/hero-slide-1.jpeg", alt = "Hero Slide 1" },
    { src = "/img/mpe-logo.svg", alt = "Image 2" }

In my layouts/_default/index.html:

  <div class="slider">
        {{ range .Site.Params.slider.images }}
            <div class="slide">
                <img src="{{ .src }}" alt="{{ .alt }}">
        {{ end }}

File hero-slide-1.jpeg placed to the static/img/. I don’t know why, but mpe-logo.svg is displayed but hero-slide-1.jpeg no (not found).

How can I solve that problem? Thank you!

Good to see you posted some of your code but unfortunately that’s not enough to help you with your problem:

The the code works in general , but it depends on all the stuff around and the snippets you provided are not sufficient.

Hinode is a quite complex theme regarding layouts and internal processing.

  • per default it does not use ‘index.html’

we need to see your config and customization. and some details which page Page in /content has the problem

sharing your repository will help - at least for me everything else would be just guessing.

Oh thank you very much! As it turned out, I use an old version of Hinode. Now I will update the theme and if after that the problem remains then I will definitely write you.