Rapid changes and new projects

Hi! Lately I’ve been busy with a time consuming project, and I’ve been kept from working on my Hugo projects. (0.55.4 was the version I was previously running.)

Today I updated to 0.57.1, and it seems something major has changed, like how it processess sub-dirs, for now my front page does not show everything, like it used to do. I guess I will find out what happened by searching through changelog, but I do have a question:

It seems major stuff is changing rapidly, and stuff I typed/learned from the current wiki or tutorials a few months ago, now has to be changed (like having to change from .URL to .Permalink or .UniqueID to .File.UniqueID or from .Hugo.Generator to hugo.Generator).

I’m not complaining, but I am considering if maybe I should wait for Hugo v1.0 before using it for some upcoming larger projects, since having to re-develop stuff too often might be costly. I assume there should be less breaking changes then?
(Or is this like asking for when Duke Nukem Forever will be released? :wink:)

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Possibly related: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugoThemes/issues/682#issuecomment-522242675

As far as keeping up with development: if your current hugo version meets all your needs, there’s always the option of sticking with what you have and not upgrading.


Breaking stuff means “complaining users”, and that is not fun and to be avoided at all cost. But there are accidental breakage (bugs!) – and then there are situations where a change may be breaking, but the value is really worth it and the fix for the end user should be easy.

In Hugo 0.57 we had one change that, while really worth it, we should have introduced in a … leaner way. I’m about to roll back that change and replace it with a informational warning that we’re going to do this change in the next Hugo version.


Ah, thank you, seems the main changes was in 0.57 … As for versions, I need to find a better workflow with versions locally (I’m usually very quick to install the latest Hugo).

Not sure if I should keep multiple versions installed and just call them hugo-0.55.4 etc.
As long as I use git sensibly with branches, it should be easy enough to keep stuff from breaking. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, in 0.57.2 behaviour returned to previous :smile:

Just a thought: When Hugo reports that changes are needed, such as the required changed from .UniqueID to .File.UniqueID, would it be easy for hugo to report in which file(s) this is found?
(I am capable of grep'ing of course, but it would save some time.)

Sadly, no. I have thought long and hard about it, but not found a (simple) way.