(newby) handling images license notice

Hey there,

I am pretty thillred by what I see of hugo. Now there is one thing (up to now) I do not quite get:

Is there no nice way to handle image (or any media) license notices right next to the media (or as a footnote at the end of the page)?

We usually use free images from sources like wikicommons, but they all require a notice of license and author directly on the very page they are used on. In WP there is a pretty nice plugin for this and it’s legally required to do so in many EU contries.

I understand, that there is probably s/th you might need to do by hand, given the way hugo works, but is there at least some way to like provide this info in a shortcode and then parse at the end of the article?

if you are using page resources, then you can list the license info within the front matter. then, your page template can parse this, list it where you want. you could even modify the figure shortcode to automagically insert it into the figcaption.

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