Newbie help creating publications in Academic theme

I’m sure this is a daft question, but I can’t seem to get publications to show on my site. I can create new publication .md files via Terminal, but these files are created within a directory outside of my site. I have tried dragging them over and placing in content/publication to no avail. Here is the repository link: and my website:

If it’s not clear from my message, go easy on me as I am new to git, website development, and everything in between here! I have read and re-read the instructions provided, searched this forum, and googled alternative instructions, but I’m not having much joy. Any help is appreciated.

Looking at for example, you have draft set to true. Try setting that to false.

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Ah bugger, I did read that somewhere, but must have missed the line in the code.

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It is a common problem. :smile: