New theme and blog post to help combine Hugo + Reveal.js

:wave: Hello everyone!

I’m writing in to share a new Hugo theme I’ve created called reveal-hugo. By creating a Reveal output format, it allows any section’s content to be output as a Reveal.js presentation.

Slides can be written in markdown and be stored in one or more files in the section, ordered by weight. An extensive set of shortcodes is provided to expose Reveal.js functionality as well as all Reveal.js configuration params, which can be specified in the Hugo site’s config or the presentation’s front matter.

For a full tutorial, check out today’s post on Forestry’s excellent Frontend Friday series:

I would love to get any thoughts and feedback that the community has, and also take a moment to thank all of you for contributing to the wonderful world that is Hugo :smile:



This is cool. Great job! :+1:

I also love how you put some interactive documentation in the slides of the demo website. That’s a nice touch. :slight_smile:

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