New section for Hugo-related projects in the docs?

The docs contains already a section about blog posts for different aspects for Hugo (press & articles) and another containing showcases of websites that are built with our favorite static site generator.

But with the time this forum highlighted some interesting projects around Hugo. Wouldn’t it be great to make them more accessible to Hugo users and newcomers by creating a new section in the docs?

I’ve created a small list of things that have come to my mind:

It would be nice to hear some feedback. Feel free to make suggestions for new entries to extend the list.

Sidenote: I don’t have used most of these projects. The list might contain projects that are not maintained anymore or seem broken. It’s just a quick collection of tools I’ve found.


@bep Since you seem to be interested I started to prepare a PR for the docs. The question is now where I should place this new site?

Yes, I’m interested. I think it’s a great idea. But I have too many balls in the air in the moment, so other people need to maintain that list. I’ll happy to merge it, though.

I intended to take a look at the projects over the time again and again but it should mainly be community-driven (similar to the showcase and press sections). So, don’t worry about this aspect.

However, I still need a place in the docs to add this section.

This feels like a top-level menu-item… Have a look at the font awesome icons, pick one, then find a title … Was thinking a little now, nothing pops up …

I’ve created a PR.